Bot Arena Rules

The BotArena is a regular competition between fully automated Screeps AIs. It is the ultimate test of your Screeps code. There is no luck with being online at the right time, your bot has to make every decision by itself with the sole exception of where the initial spawn goes.

All players with a fully automated AI are invited to participate.

Rules are subject to change, stay up to date in #botarena


  • TBD (Accepting Donors)

Leaderboard Points

  • First Place – 10 Points
  • Second Place – 7 Points
  • Third Place – 5 Points
  • All Entrants – 1 Point

Other point rewards may occur for special voted on conditions.

Server details

Server address:

No Password


    • Standard ruleset, standard map setup, highway rooms are on the usual positions
    • Claiming first room is free for all.
    • First spawn is placed manually.

Victory Conditions

The usual victory condition of defeating all your enemies and being the last man standing remains. But if multiple players survive, victory will be determined by the combined RCL of player rooms with an active spawn. Tie breaks will be decided by total GCL.


Competition Procedure


World generation

    • Sector count will depend on number of entrants.
    • The sector will be randomly generated using the maptool mod (or a variation of it).
  • This will be cramped by design, we want to encourage bots to fight for territory.

Game constants

All game constants will be their default values unless explicitly stated elsewhere.

Deciding spawning locations

    • Spawning will open 24h before the start of the match. During that time players can spawn in and respawn at will.
    • Players place their first spawn manually.
    • Players may respawn up until the time the server is locked down.
  • The host reserves the right to remove any screeps spawns that are left behind by respawning.


Players may make changes to their bots for the first 20,000 ticks (the duration of your initial safemode). After this time the server will be locked down and no changes will be possible.

Players and spectators will still be able to logon, but will not be able to interact with their structures / memory / code or creeps.

Honor Rules

Botarena is supposed to be a fully automated contest, so I would request that you follow these honor rules. However, they will not be enforced.

    • Do not program your bot to respond to target specific players or respond in a particular way.
    • Do not program your bot with any prior knowledge of which rooms it should take for extensions or expansions, it should make these decisions based on its exploration.  
    • Do not use another players AI unless it is drastically different from the base version.
    • The initial safemode period is used only to fix bugs in code and not to guide your bot.