SWC 201 Format Announcement

December 1, 2018

SWC 201 is right around the corner and I’m happy to announce the format for the upcoming event.

Sign up here – https://screepswargames.us/event/swc-201/


SWC 201 will be a Free For All. But don’t let this stop you from forming alliances in game, just be aware that only one player can claim the top spot!

Victory Conditions

The usual victory condition of defeating all your enemies and being the last man standing remains. But if multiple players survive, victory will be determined by the combined RCL of player rooms with an active spawn. Tie breaks will be decided by total GCL.

Special Conditions

This round will be played at a higher speed. In an effort to make end game combat possible in the allotted time we will run the server at a higher than normal tick rate. Exact rate TBD.

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