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Bot Arena 201 Recap

November 24, 2018

Bot Arena 201 is in the books with a familiar face taking first place, but more importantly it was a relatively smooth start to this new era of organized screeps tournaments. For readers not familiar with what a Bot Arena is, it’s a competition where the contestants place their initial spawns and then go entirely hands off. The server is locked and the AI’s are required to run fully automated in order to determine who has the best truly autonomous Screeps AI.

Early Game GCL – Tigga, eduter, and geir1983 clear leaders.

Tigga, eduter, and geir all jump off to an early lead.

The top three players of the round were clear from the beginning, with Tigga initially coming out and reaching RCL 4 at an impressive rate with eduter and geir hot on his trail. Eventually eduter and geir overtook Tigga’s aggressive AI in the GCL race but the lead was short lived.

Mid Game – Tigga begins to pull away.

The big 3 turns into the big 2 in day 3.

By day 3 of the competition the big 3 at top had cleared a large portion of the map, clearing out struggling AI’s many of whom encountered the ever so common bugs that we see in Bot Arenas. It was also around this time that Tigga secured the GCL lead and would not relinquish it thru the duration of the event.

The End Game – Merely a Formality

Day 5 (Some stat issues mean we miss the actual final GCL rankings, but these last points are a fairly good indication of where it was going.)

By day 5 Tigga held a commanding 10 million GCL lead over second place eduter, with geir beginning to lag further behind. At this point the ending was all but inevitable with Tigga’s well known military prowess coming into play as he slowly wore down the opposition.


With all other opponents defeated Tigga goes into the books as the winner of Bot Arena 201. eduter can go home proud coming in second place. geir1983 can use this as a platform to improve with a solid showing for third.

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